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For me, jerky has been a love of mine since I was a kid. Growing up in the Pocono mountains of PA we fished, hunted, and were constantly outdoors. Deer season may as well have been called jerky season. If I did get a deer, the jerky lasted about a week and I had to wait another year! That’s when it started… my quest to create my own jerky.

Did I get it right away? No, I made lots of mistakes. Lots of shoe leather, lots of beef jerky that the dog would cut his gums on.. and some of it I would throw under my tires for extra traction in the snow. So, I practiced for years .. and years… until – my friends started asking me for some, apparently I was close. Some even asked if they could purchase some.. this is when I realized that I was onto something.

And so it began, a brand new PA Department of Agriculture approved building to produce my signature flavors in. After a year and a lot of hard work, I offer it to you, the public.

I hope you enjoy it!


Eric Farrington


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